Small acts cut big fat : How to lose weight


    People become robotic in day to day life as they concentrate more on work and success. A typical day of modern people starts with a very busy schedule which ends up with immense stress before going to bed. This situation continues day after day, year after year and suddenly they find themselves submerged in the ocean of detrimental conditions like diseases (e.g. hypertension, heart disease, diabetes etc.), frustration and failure.

    In the end, it results in absence of happiness in life. Then they have to spend hours sitting on a hospital bed while pondering on the reasons behind it, but he hardly finds the actual causes. Finally, according to doctor’s advice, they start walking morning and evening, cuts off almost all favourite foods, takes the needle of insulin twice or thrice a day just in an attempt to obtain relief from the diseased state.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible at all because by following the doctor’s advice the disease can be controlled but the complete cure is never possible. That is because these diseases are not caused by any organism rather lack of ideal lifestyle, that includes sedentary work, lack of physical workout, dependency on fast foods, apathy to vegetables, inadequate mental refreshment, inadequate sound sleep and so on, is responsible for this.

    However, it is clear that these non-communicable diseases do not develop by the habits of a single day. So a single step from this moment can protect your health and prolong your happy life. So let us include some small positive steps in our daily life.

    For most of the people, it will be very funny to say, “Wake up early!” Rather start your day just 20 minutes earlier. Have a 10 minutes of mindful meditation that works like the food for your mind and keeps you calm and cool during all the hours of pressure and frustration during the whole day. For the next ten minutes for very simple freehand exercise, you should move your every single joint from head to toe. Then you can start your day according to your schedule. In the working time, after every 2-3 hours take a 5 minutes break, do some free movements of your extremities, neck, and waist; do not forget to rehydrate yourself frequently with water.

    About the meal, the portion of vegetables and fruits should be increased; oily and fatty foods should be avoided and carbonated drinks should be replaced by water. Better to cut down all carbs including all kinds of sugar; normal tea can be replaced by green tea that helps to delay your ageing process.

    At least thrice a week, plan for a 20 minutes evening walk or swimming whenever there is a scope. Someday using a bicycle as a form of transport to your workplace can be a good way of burning calories. For short distance try to depend on your feet, avoid lift and use stairs instead.

    Try to spend some quality time with your family and friends, it does not necessarily mean that you always have to go for movies or dinner out of home, rather spending personal time with love and affection is very important.

    Before signing off for the day, just sit on the bed, relax and review your day, find out all the unsuccessful efforts, failure and say to yourself, “nobody is perfect, so I will try to recover all my failures next time”. Also, remember to thank yourself for all your good and successful efforts. Then meditate at least for 5 minutes that will help to take away all the stress by giving you a wonderful sound sleep.

    These small acts in everyday can take care of you both physically and mentally and give a holistic, happy and healthy life in the long run. Be well, keep well!
    Dr Abhishek Bhadra



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