DU pledges support for quota-reform movement


Dhaka University authority today pledged support to the quota-reform movement that picked up momentum on April 8 and spread across the country.

“From my behalf and from the university’s behalf we have expressed solidarity with the movement and have asked the government to take quick measures and give assurance to the students so that they can return to normal life,” DU VC Akhtaruzzaman today said at his office.

“All our students have a responsibility towards their families, towards the country and towards the university and they never boycott classes and have not boycott exams either. And only for sake of quota-reform movement they have given these statements,” the VC said.

The students have come up with some very logical points against the quota system and they have said that with changing times reform is necessary, the VC said.

“From my side, I have very clearly and very strongly told the government that Dhaka University authorities, DU family and teachers are in support of the quota-reform movement,” the VC said.

Meanwhile, Dhaka University Teachers’ Association has also expressed solidarity with the protests. Its President Maksud Kamal announced the solidarity while placing a short speech before the demonstrators at Raju Sculpture.

On April, 8, the quota-reform movement picked up steam as Dhaka University students brought out demonstration demanding reforms in the quota system in public service. A clash with police broke out that night turning the capital’s Shahbagh intersection and its adjacent areas into a battlefield.

One by one, students of other public and private universities also announced their solidarity with the movement and joined in the protests.

Meanwhile, in the early hours of April 9, the residence of Dhaka University Vice Chancellor Prof Akhtaruzzaman came under attack centering the quota-reform movement.



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