Protesters surge with fresh vigor, want PM’s word now


Protests for quota reform started with fresh vigor this morning, following last night’s heat and tension at Dhaka University; and now protesters say they will not stop until the government gives out specifics.

“We want a specific declaration by Prime Minister Sheikh Haisna,” Nurul Haque, joint convener of the leading platform Bangladesh General Students’ Rights Protection Forum, said in a press conference this morning, after decisions of a united demonstration last night.
Placards shunning Agriculture Minister Matia Chowdhury during processions at Dhaka University on April 11, 2018.
Hasan Al Mamun, convener of the forum, placed two fresh demands: expulsion of those harassing the hall students at Dhaka University and that of Sufia Kamal girls’ hall’s Chhatra League leader in 24 hours.

The press conference was followed by the convergence of over a thousand students, who all marched in arms, up and down through Central Library-Shahbagh-TSC in Dhaka University area.

Yesterday, the faction that gave in to the government’s assurance and had postponed agitation till May 7, surrendered after relentless pursuit of the non-yielding faction. Both sides joined arms once again and declared to continue united protests from henceforth.

And, on top of that, last night, the incident of harassment in Sufia Kamal girls’ dormitory met with outright protest from the girls and boys as well, leading to post-midnight demonstrations, have fueled the movement further and added a new anti-harassment dimension to the protests.



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