‘Diet soft drinks tied to lower odds of colon cancer recurrence’


Asianbangla Desk : A US study suggests colon cancer patients who drink one or more servings of artificially-sweetened beverages a day have roughly half the risk of their cancer recurring compared to those who drink few or none of these beverages.

The study authors write in the journal PLoS ONE that patients who consume artificially-sweetened drinks are substituting them for sugar-sweetened sodas and juices, and therefore taking in less sugar.

“We’ve been studying the role of post-diagnosis diet and lifestyle on the risk of colon cancer, and a variety of factors are associated with recurrence,” said senior author Dr Charles Fuchs, director of the Yale Cancer Center in New Haven, Connecticut.

The researchers analyzed dietary information for 1,018 patients with stage III colon cancer who were enrolled in a National Cancer Institute-sponsored trial of adjuvant chemotherapy.

During the follow-up, 348 of the 1,018 patients had colon cancer recurrence. Frequent drinkers of artificially-sweetened beverages tended to be younger, have a higher body mass index and greater caloric intake.



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