FB being used to spread false information : PM


Asianbangla, Dhaka : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday told her cabinet colleagues that false information on Facebook is misleading many people over the student agitation for road safety.

Facebook has become a problem as many are spreading rumours and propaganda through it, cabinet sources quoted the PM as saying.

According to the sources, the cabinet members also talked about the Road Transport Act, 2018, before it was approved.

The draft law was not included in yesterday’s agenda. Nazrul Islam, secretary of the ministry of road, transport and bridges, placed it before the meeting following the student demonstration, the sources said.

Road, Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader did not say anything on the draft law.

Nazrul took part in the discussion and said there was a clear imbalance between the numbers of driving licences and the registered vehicles. The number of such vehicles was bigger than that of the driving licences.

At that point, Finance Minister AMA Muhith informed the meeting that his ministry had taken a project to provide training to around one lakh drivers in the next five years.

Facebook might be blocked again and if needed, the internet would be shut down as well for “saving the state and its citizens”, said Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar yesterday.

“The safety of the state and it’s people is the first priority,” he said while replying to a query at a roundtable in the city.

Following a recommendation from law enforcers, mobile internet speed was brought down to a lower level on Saturday for the next 24 hours so that picture or video could not be uploaded.

The move came after rumours over the protests spread on social media, mainly on Facebook.



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